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Introduction to Specific Scenic Spots

Lotus Lake

        The lotus lake is full of colorful Water Lily and Royal Water Lily. The Royal Water Lily 's Latin name is Victoria amazonica. Their leaves are flat while the leaf margins roll up which make them look like a big loop; Blossom usually lasts three days, which the flower is as white as snow in the first day and changes into pink second day, then is the purple.


         The varied fishes in the fish pond Koi, also called as Fei Carp or Japanese Koi which is a variant of carp and regarded as the most popular fish for watching in the world. Only need to throw some fish food, will the fishes be lured to jump in the pool, that will lead you enjoy a kind of contemporary pleasure of the man and fish.

Cultural Relic Zone: Monument Group of Premier Zhou

        Premier Zhou inspected this institute in 1961 and met with Myanmar prime minister U Nu here. In 1980, Comrade Hu Yaobang came here and suggested to plant a monument for remembering our respectful premier forever. Monument group of premier Zhou is composed of three parts. Inspection Memorial, which is composed of four steles that are carved with meaningful designs, is in the meaning of that the rubber affair in Xishuangbanna is vigorously developing with the technical support provided by people who work at Yunnan Institute of Tropical Crops. The Meeting Memorial mainly reappears the scene while premier Zhou was meeting with Myanmar prime minister U Nu in rubber plantation. The structure of the Memorial is that of four connected steles that looks like two leaders were shaking hands closely, signifying forever friendship between the two countries. The Introduction Memorial focuses on the introduction of the origin of the monument and its meaning.

Leaf-Flower Garden

          Leaf-flower belongs to Nyctaginaceae family and distributes naturally in South America. After Leaf-flower spread to China, it is also called as Bougainvillea glabira, Nine Bougainvillea, Rhododendron hongkongense, Triangle Plum, or Triangle Flower etc. The Leaf-flower and Triangle Plum are their popular names. Depending on the horticultural workers hardworking, there are over 30 varieties bloom in the garden for the whole year.

Egg-Flower Garden

        The petal of Egg-Flower is white outside and yellow inside, which makes it look like a cooked egg, therefore, it is called as egg-flower. From the color of the flower, there are three kinds: red, white and yellow. They could be found in varied Buddhist temples in Xishuangbanna. Dai girls like to decorate their hairs with the flowers. The pure white flowers signify the purity, beauty and elegance of the girls.

Crape Myrtle Garden

         There are big-flower Crape Mytle and small-leaf Crape Mytle. Big flowers are romantic while small flowers are tender and beautiful. The garden creates a kind of mysterious atmosphere.

Scientific Technique Exhibition Center

          The center mainly shows the achievements made by Yunnan Institute of Tropical Crops in the past 50 years as well as photos and documents related to the scenic spot as a National Patriotic Education Demonstration Base and National  Popular Science Education Base.

Red Bean Garden

        Red bean is a kind of keepsake related to people's expression of love and love-sickness. During the harvest time, people could pick the red bean and "take the love-sickness home ".

Rubber-Tapping Demonstration----A Miracle in Rubber Planting History

         Xishuangbanna is the second largest rubber production base in China. "The British Encyclopaedia" records that rubber trees can only be planted in the low latitude and altitude areas and the north areas start from the Latitude 17°belong to the forbidden areas for planting of rubber trees. Xishuangbanna is located in the north areas start from the Latitude 21°, that means Xishuangbanna is just within the forbidden zone. However, with the hardworking of the staff in Yunnan Institute of Tropical Crops, rubber trees are planted successfully. This achievement gained a National A Class Invention Prize. This is a big miracle in the history of planting rubber trees. Several first-generation rubber trees planted in 1958 are still kept in the garden. They are just the first-generation rubber trees that premier Zhou inspected in 1961.  Premier Zhou touched the tree and said proudly that time: "These are OUR rubber trees! ". At present, rubber tapping are demonstrated in the Tropical Flowers and Plants Garden in order to let visitors know how rubber latex flows out and understand what kind of daily objects are related to the rubber trees.

Tropical Palm Garden

         There are around 40 palm species in the garden. Plants related to palm family are one kind of trees that have a good economic value, like oil palm regarded as the "Oil King of the World", arenga and sugar palm for producing brown sugar, three-medicine areca which looks like bamboo, king-palm with a "general belly", as well as wine-bottle-coconut, getting such name for their necks look like a wine bottle.

Five-Tree and Six-Flower Garden

         All Dai people of Xishuangbanna believe in Hinayana Buddhism. Each Buddhist temple of the Dai people is a perfect Buddhist botanical garden. Dai Buddhism has a rule that "Five-tree and Six-Flower" must be planted in the courtyard of Buddhism temple. The five trees are Corypha umbraculiferaFicus religiosaFicus altissimaMesua ferreaAreca catechu;and the Six flowers are Michelia champacaPlumeria rubraNymphaea tetragonaCrinum amabileHedychium coroneriumMusella lasiocarpa.

Tropical Fruits Garden

        The Tropical Fruits Garden covers an area of 10.3 hectares. It is a specific tropical fruits garden with a relatively complete collection of tropical fruits variety. There are 34 species and more than 200 varieties of tropical fruits in the garden.